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GUTSMART_COOL tin with sticker

"gut-smart COOL is the fastest working and most effective heartburn remedy I have ever tried, and I've tried a lot! It has a refreshing but delicate flavour and comes in a handy little tin to take with you on the go. I highly recommend it."

Tanya R, North Yorkshire

gut-smart COOL - heartburn and acid reflux relief, 60 pack.

"I was recommended to try gut-smart COOL for the heartburn I was getting frequently after eating certain foods and wine! I found it to be as effective as the major brands and was happier taking it due to it being a natural product. I would highly recommend to others."

Mike B, Poole

gut-smart COOL - heartburn and acid reflux relief, 60 pack.

"I found gut-smart COOL to be really helpful in easing indigestion symptoms after eating rich food. I found the discomfort disappeared very quicky, and I enjoyed the unusual but pleasant taste. Its effectiveness, all-natural ingredients and sustainable packaging mean it will be always be first choice for me when I need relief from heartburn."

Julia C, Dorset

GUTSMART_COOL tin with sticker

"gut-smart COOL has a great melt in the mouth texture with a slightly fruity taste, pleasant and non-chalky. Eases heartburn/indigestion quickly and gently and comes with a convenient recyclable tin."

Karen G, Renfrewshire

GUTSMART_COOL tin with sticker

"gut-smart COOL is a nice, natural alternative to other indigestion tablets, and actually works! The pineapple flavour is a refreshing change from the usual mint flavours of other brands, and the travel tin is super useful for when you're out and about (and can be repurposed afterwards!)."

Rowan B, Bath

gut-smart COOL - heartburn and acid reflux relief, 60 pack.

"I tried gut-smart for the first time after my colleague suggested them. I normally use Rennies as I suffer badly with heartburn, however, I have take two or three of them to work. After one COOL tablet my heartburn went away within 10 minutes!! I would definitely recommend this product!"

Joe C, Somerset

gut-smart COOL - heartburn and acid reflux relief, 60 pack.

"gut-smart COOL looks like a very natural product. Tastes really nice bit like a pineapple liquorice, easy to suck and works really fast. Only needed one and my heartburn disappeared."  

Tania S, Somerset

GUTSMART_COOL tin with sticker

"gut-smart COOL has a unique, very pleasant flavour and I found it to be extremely fast acting and effective. The handy tin is just the right size to be slipped into a pocket for easy portability. I shall certainly be sure to carry gut-smart COOL with me for peace of mind as soon as it is available."

Peter A, Somerset

gut-smart COOL - heartburn and acid reflux relief, 60 pack.

"I only take antacid indigestion meds when I eat or drink very acidic foods, so not every day. Generally something that would be packed when going on holiday.

I’m currently taking cough mixture which is very acidic. I have taken two pills after a meal in the evening between 8-9pm and not had any issues and clearly the pills have worked all through the night, previously taken Rennie / Gaviscon, etc. which I have still woken in the middle of the night having to take more. This would indicate to me they are more effective. I have taken these on 4 separate occasions currently.

The taste is unusual at first as you would expect it to taste of mint, however the taste is pleasant, you soon get used to it.

Love the sample tin, great idea rather than horrible blister packs!"

Stuart H, Somerset

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gut-smart COOL - heartburn and acid reflux relief.


A chewable tablet, blending the active ingredients; Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm, Calcium and Biotin, known for their use in relieving heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion naturally. Formulated to support healthy digestion*. Lose the distractions and enjoy your food again. Smart.

Three pack sizes.

gut-smart DUO - Turmeric and Black Pepper.


A blend of Turmeric and Black Pepper to support the health conscious. Give your gut a high five.

Pack size 120 tablets.

gut-smart LIVE - Pre and Probiotics.


19 Billion Live Cultures. Food for friendly bacteria, give your gut the love and care it deserves. For that good gut feeling.


Pack size 60 slow release capsules.


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