About us

Based in the rolling hills of West Somerset, quality of life is at the heart of everything we do. Here at gut-smart, we source only the finest ingredients from verified suppliers for all of our products and hope that they keep you in the best of health.

Our mission is to tackle your digestive woes with convenient, natural products that actually work. We are proud of our products and we hope they make you feel better from the inside out.

Meet our founder

Oli Ghazala

Oli has suffered from severe acid reflux and indigestion for the past five years. Now in his early thirties, Oli has tried all the leading brands and more recently he has been taking pharmaceuticals everyday.

gut-smart is a result of Oli wanting to find long term natural solutions and by working with accomplished medical herbalist and product developer Pamela Spence MNIMH, Oli is delighted that the first gut-smart products are being launched this year.

Oli Ghazala - Founder gut-smart, supporting digestive health

Our leading herbalist

Pamela Spence, Herbalist - gut-smart, supporting digestive health

Pamela Spence

Medical Herbalist MNIMH

Pamela, the gut-smart medical herbalist has been working with people with gut problems for over 15 years and developing products for 10 of those. She has brought her expertise to the gut-smart formulations.

Pamela has been fascinated by herbs since growing up surrounded by the fragrant wet markets of Singapore as a teenager.

After a hectic career in film and television, she left to study herbal medicine in 2002 and has been running a successful clinical practice, writing and teaching about herbs ever since.

Pamela is often spotted giving expert comment in the media, including her own BBC online series, Hello magazine, Women & Home, Financial Times and The Telegraph and has taught around the world, including Russia, East Africa, Italy and Germany helping connect people to their local plants and rediscover how they can profoundly impact wellbeing as well as formal training for a new generation of medical herbalists.

She is a director of the Betonica School of Herbal Medicine in the UK and teaches for the prestigious Herbal Academy in the US. She has been the Twinings Herbal Expert since 2016 advising on new herbal products for the global market and has been involved with the Superblends range since its inception.


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